RoseAnne Spradlin / Performance Projects

 Premiering a new work at the Joyce Theater, NYC, Sept 29, 2016 with Kayvon Pourazar, Connor Voss and Asli Bulbul




New York Live Arts, October 2014 - Rebecca Warner and Natalie Green (pictured in video) with devynn emory, Athena Malloy and Saúl Ulerio, w/ Asli Bulbul; Sculpture and Video by Glen Fogel; Music by Jeffrey Young; Costumes by Walter Dundervill; Lighting Design by Stan Pressner / Ben Hagen; “Tao Hua Qi Xue Ji (Peach Blossom Weeps Tears of Blood)”, Film (1931) by Bu Wancang, re-edited by RoseAnne Spradlin in fast-forward speed; Music Performance by Lisa Dowling (bass), Hannah Levinson (viola), Mara Mayer (bass clarinet) and Jeffrey Young (violin).